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Coronation Tea Party – Over 500 residents came together to make this a huge success

The Coronation “Tea Party” on Broomhill Common on Sunday 7th May was a huge success with over 500 people joining in the fun on a lovely sunny afternoon. We are hopeful that we were successful in our World Record Attempt at creating the largest human image of a crown with 539 people dressed in yellow, […]

Shopping at Co-op in Aid of Knoll Defibrillator Appeal

Through 2023, the Knoll Residents Association is raising funds to purchase two defibrillators for the Knoll Area.  We aim to raise the money through donations and events, along with assistance from the Co-op Local Community Fund. If you are a Co-op member, and have a loyalty card, please remember to choose The Knoll Residents Association […]

Local Crime Alerts

There have been a number of vehicle-related and other crime incidents occurring in The Knoll area recently. Our Crime Alerts Whatsapp group can help keep you informed of what is happening, as it happens and is open to all residents of The Knoll. You can join it by opening the following link on your phone, […]