Defibrillators for The Knoll

We are very excited to say that we have been accepted onto the Co-op Community Fund for the year from November 2022 until October 2023.

We applied to raise £4.3k for two public defibrillators in the Knoll along with training of residents in how to use them, and how to respond in a Cardiac Emergency.

Co-op members can select The Knoll Residents Association as their chosen cause, so if you are a member then please consider choosing us. Please make sure you choose carefully, as once chosen you might not be able to change your mind for the year!

If you are not yet a Co-op member, then please consider becoming one so that you can help us, especially if your regularly (or even occasionally) shop at Co-op. Creating an account costs £1, but once you have one you get money back into your account for use on future purchases, and an equivalent donation is made to your chosen local cause.

More details to follow… so while you are here… if you want to keep up to date with website updates, and events that are taking place, consider subscribing (for free) to our Knoll Beacon email alerts service.