Defibrillators for The Knoll

We were accepted onto the Co-op Community Fund for the year from November 2022 until October 2023.

We applied to raise £4.3k for two public defibrillators in the Knoll along with training of residents in how to use them, and how to respond in a Cardiac Emergency.

We are pleased to say that through the generosity of the Co-op and local residents,
we actually managed to raise money for THREE defibrillators in the Knoll area.  

Our defibrillator appeal has now closed as we have installed all three defibrillators with money spare to support their upkeep for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to everybody who helped support us.

We will continue to run our monthly pub quiz and funds raised from this will be used to support the running of the KRA and events for the benefit of our residents.