The following meetings take place:

Annual General Meeting

This is the formal annual official meeting of the association which takes place in November each year, and residents are invited and encouraged to attend. These meetings are minuted, and this is the meeting at which the new committee for the coming year is elected. Further information about the AGM can be found here.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets throughout the year, either by zoom, or in person, and currently aims to meet approximately every two months, although other meetings may occur if there is a need. These formal meetings are attended by committee members, but may from time-to-time include co-opted non-committee members but are not generally open to other residents. These meetings are minuted.

Extraordinary General Meeting

These formal meetings, by their nature are not scheduled as regular events, but may take place following notification to residents. Usually an EGM only occurs if there is a specific matter of importance that requires input and/or voting to take place from residents, where such matters will not wait until the AGM.These are official meetings which residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Monthly Residents Meetings

These are informal meetings which generally take place each month and are a chance for residents to meet the committee and discuss the current issues that are important to them. Minutes of these meetings are not recorded. Some meetings have included guests, such as our local councillors, or our local police and are a chance for residents to air their views, and for the committee to gauge opinion on matters of interest. Please see Monthly Meetings for information about when these take place.