Our newsletter, In the Knoll ( formerly Knoll News), is published and delivered to the residents of The Knoll area generally three times per year. This newsletter aims to keep residents informed about the activities of the Knoll Residents Association and also provides important information such as contact details for the committee, and notification of the AGM.

The latest issue of the newsletter “In The Knoll” can be viewed online or downloaded from here, and our  archive of past newsletters is available below.

The newsletter aims to be self-funding by way the inclusion of local advertisements, many of which may contain an offer to residents. Note that the inclusion of any advertisement is not an endorsement or recommendation by the KRA or its committee.

Previously… “In The Knoll”

Our previous editions of In The Knoll are here:

Summer 2023

Spring 2023

Autumn 2022


Summer 2022


Spring 2022


“Knoll News” Archive


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