History and Aims of the Association

The Knoll Residents Association was founded in 1974 to ‘safeguard, promote and further the common interests’ of residents of the Knoll area. We are one of the most active Residents’ Associations in the Bromley area.

We issue our newsletter “In The Knoll”, (formerly “Knoll News”) three times a year and hold a well attended AGM, usually in November, to which Bromley Council Officers and Councillors are invited to explain and comment on Council initiatives and local issues.

Our aim is keep residents informed about their local area, keep ourselves informed about the views of residents, and in so doing help tackle the issues that are likely to affect us all, and build our community. To achieve this, we have an active Facebook group and we also hold informal residents meetings most months.

The aim of the Association is not to decide what residents want, but instead to listen to the views of residents and then act on their behalf as a unified voice. We understand that not all residents will agree over some issues, and the committee will try to seek consensus to work in the best interests of all residents.

We also maintain close links with our local safer Neighbourhood Policing team to see what steps we can take to tackle crime in the area, and we keep in close contact with our local Councillors to represent the interests of residents and the Knoll area, whilst remaining non-party-political.



We are a voluntary membership organisation run by volunteer residents, on behalf of the residents according to our Constitution. The committee and other members do not receive any form of payment or reward.

Disambiguation: Please note that we are not in any way associated with any similarly named, or similar-sounding associations or organisations such as (but not limited to) the “The Knoll Residents Association Limited”, “The Knoll (Shortlands) Residents Association”, “The Knoll Beckenham Residents’ Association”, “Knowle Residents Association”, “Knoll Mill Residents Association”