Walnuts – Development

The proposed development of the Walnuts in Orpington has met with controversy.

The Knoll Residents Association has worked hard to keep our residents informed of plans for The Walnuts since we were made aware back in 2020. We have also been very keen to hear your views. Whilst the development does not sit in our ward, we all use the High Street and many of us look over it too!

Once the plans were submitted in mid-January, we devoted our January resident catch up in The Cricketers to this subject and were joined by two councillors, Tony Owen and Keith Onslow, who gave an insightful talk about the planning process and key considerations.

It is fair to say that there was not much support for the proposal in the meeting. This was also reflected in the results of our Facebook poll, details of which are in the objection letter we sent. We await to hear the result of the planning submission and will keep you updated.

You can view a copy of our objection letter here:

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