Broxbourne Gardens Outdoor Cinema – 2023

The second Knoll Open-Air Cinema took place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Friday night and the lights were low, residents looking out for a place to go, went to Broxbourne Gardens for a screening of “Mamma Mia!”, the Abba musical, chosen by KRA Facebook poll.

Arriving with picnic chairs and rugs, the audience tucked into their snacks and drinks, and were treated to a variety of jokes whilst a technical sound hitch was resolved. (Best joke of the night, expertly delivered by 9-year-old Lilian, “Why did the cow cross the road? To go to the moo-vies!”).  

As they exited past the temporary convenience, some Abba fans could be heard quietly singing, “Portaloo – I was defeated, you won the war… Portaloo…”

The next day was peppered with heavy rain bursts and thunderclaps, which continued into the early evening, casting a shadow of doubt over day two of the event.

However, just 10 minutes before showtime, the rain came to a complete stop, and the hardy people of the Knoll came out of their homes for the showing of “Top Gun Maverick” – unlike Tom Cruise, who had been invited to his own film, but was a no-show (there was a rumour that landing a helicopter on the Knoll was a Risky Business).

As darkness fell, the film began, and residents were joined on the green by a number of bats flying above their heads.

All appeared to enjoy the show, which went uninterrupted by further rain. We are grateful to John Landeryou for assisting the Committee with constructing and disassembling the screen.