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Privacy & Consent Notice

By using our contact form, you are confirming that the email address that you have supplied is your own, and that you have the right to use it for this purpose. You also agree that we can use your email address for the purposes of contacting you regarding your enquiry, or future enquiries.

We do not like spam or unsolicited messages, and you probably don’t either!

Any email address or other information that you supply here will be used by us only for responding to your enquiry, or further enquiries that you make. We will not pass on your details to any third party, except as required to fulfil the service we are providing unless you explicitly give that consent. We will not use your address to send you bulk emails or email newsletters unless you explicitly request or agree to receive such mailings. If you subscribe to any email alerts service that we offer, then we will use your email address to provide you with emails as part of that service, and your email address will be stored to allow us to provide you with that service. You may unsubscribe from any email alerts service by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in emails you receive, or by contacting us and requesting removal.

Disclosure: Our Third Party Email alerts service is currently provided by MailPoet, who supply the software (“plugin”) used by our website to provide our email alerts service. If you subscribe to our Knoll Beacon Email Alerts service, then your emails will be sent via MailPoet and as such they will receive your email addresses. They state that “Data at MailPoet is not shared with or sold to any third party”. You can read here what data MailPoet collects and stores.

We reserve the right to change our email alerts provider in future should we find that this service is no longer suitable, or no longer available and we will then update this page accordingly. We will always strive to ensure that any future provider has a policy which states that they do not sell or share details with any third party.

This website does not collect any information about you other than if you use the contact form in which case you supply us with your email address to enable us to respond to your message or enquiry, or as part of any information you supply to us when subscribing to our email alert service. All information you supply is treated in confidence, and is used only to guide us on how we may improve the service that we offer to residents. You may request the deletion of any information you have supplied in the past by contacting us either in person, in writing, by email, or via our contacts page.

Use of Cookies

Casual Visitor (not logged-in users)
This website does not use cookies other than those which are required for the technical purposes of running the site. We do not record tracking information, or collect personally identifiable analytical information concerning you or your usage of this site. As part of the normal functioning of the website, statistical information may be gathered such as the number of times pages are visited, but this information does not identify any individual users.

Committee Members and Website Administrators (registered, logged-in users)
If you are a committee member or you help administer this website and you have a username allowing you to login to this site, and you choose to login, then cookies are used for the purposes of enabling you to login and navigate the site as a registered user. We do not record tracking information, or analytical information concerning you or your usage of this site, other than the information that you choose to post/edit/create (if applicable) on the site. You must accept the use of “preferences” cookies in order to navigate the site as a logged-in user. Any preferences that you choose are not divulged to any third party. Any editing of content will have your user name recorded against it, along with details of when it occurred. This is recorded purely as part of the normal operation of the software used to run this website, and is not used for any other purpose, and is not divulged to any third party other than as may be required by law or required to ensure the lawful running of this site.

Terms of Use of this Website

Your responsibility and use of this website (all users)
By using our website you, you agree that you are doing so for reasonable and lawful purposes. Where you are able to post, update, upload or in any way provide information, you agree that such information or material that you supply will be lawful, and will not include anything that may in any way be deemed to incite hatred or prejudice to ANY person or people. You further agree that anything that you post may be removed at the total discretion of the website administrator, and irrespective of whether it is lawful, and irrespective of whether it breaches the terms of use of this website, whether they be explicit or implied.

Our responsibility

The individual authors of any content placed on this website are responsible for the content they add. They, and the association are not responsible for any content on third party websites to which this site links, provided the links used were in good faith.

Where a link to an external site should result in content that is unacceptable, we will remove those links at the earliest opportunity on being notified of such.

If you believe that any content on this website is in any way offensive, or unlawful, please notify the association using the contact form, and such content or (links to external content) will be investigated and if necessary, removed. Any such contact that you make via the contact form will be treated in confidence.

Use of our Email Alerts Service

All email alerts are provided for information purposes only on a best endeavours, voluntary basis and we have no obligation to alert you to any event or any other information. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any failure to inform you of any event or other information, or from any errors or omissions in the information provided unless such errors or omissions were made with wilful intent to deceive. All information is supplied in good faith and should be treated as such. If you require any clarification of any information supplied, please contact us.