Local Elections

Please note that this page refers to an event that is in the past.

Please remember, that our local elections to elect the Ward Councillors who represent Petts Wood & Knoll ward will take place on 5th May 2022.

There will be one ballot paper where you are able to vote for three councillors.

No matter who you wish to vote for, please make sure you vote as every vote counts! It may not always feel like it, but even if your vote is not for the ultimate winner, the level of turnout and the spread of the votes cast, all help gauge opinion, paint a picture, inform policies and, where necessary, drive reforms.

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Petts Wood & Knoll Ward Map

The Knoll Residents Association has always been, and remains non-political, whilst representing the views of our residents. We do not favour any candidate or party at any elections, and will seek to work with, and make representations to whoever is elected no matter what part of the political spectrum they are.

We invited the nominees to provide us with their vision for The Knoll.

We are pleased to say that six of the candidates were able to join us for our “Election Special” April residents meeting, and were invited to introduce themselves and share with us their thoughts and ideas. You can watch a video of the occasion here. Note that the order in which the candidates appear in the video was drawn at random after the event, so as not to show bias towards any one candidate. The order of play here is not the order in which they spoke:
You can watch the video below or if you click on the timecode below (mins:secs) you can open the video directly at the start of a particular speaker to allow you to quickly move forward or backward should you wish.

00 :00 Introduction by Steve Sangster
01 :17 Charlotte Grievson, Labour
05 :30 Simon Fawthrop, Conservative
08 :09 John Pead, Labour
13 :51 Tony Owen, Conservative
17 :35 Andrew Stotesbury, Liberal Democrats
23 :21 Keith Onslow, Conservative