Orpington Town Supplementary Planning Document

What is the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)?

Bromley Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance relating to Orpington Town Centre was consulted had a period of consultation from 9 March to 1 July 2022.

According to Bromley Council’s website, “The SPD provides detailed guidance to assist with the implementation of adopted Development Plan policies – Bromley Local Plan and the London Plan – that relate to Orpington Town Centre.”

At time of writing, you can read further details here: https://www.bromley.gov.uk/planning-policy/supplementary-planning-guidance

If that link becomes unavailable, or changes in future, please visit the bromley.gov.uk website, and search for “Orpington Town Centre SPD”


Our Response

Having gathered opinions from residents via our Facebook group, and from face-to-face monthly meetings, we submitted our response to the Orpington Town Supplementary Planning consultation by the deadline of 1 July 2022.

You can download our submission (pdf format) here: [media-downloader media_id=”4141″ texts=”The Knoll Orpington Town Plan Submission”]