The Constitution

The CURRENT Constitution (v3.0) and the PROPOSED NEW Constitution (v4.0) for the Knoll Residents Association are available here.


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KRA - Constitution V4.2.pdf643.96 Kb
KRA - Constitution V4.1.pdf642.72 Kb
KRA - Constitution V4.0.pdf240.78 Kb
KRA - Constitution V3.0.pdf102.59 Kb

For your convenience, we have now run a simple document-comparison between the V3.0 and V4.0 of the Constitution. The results of that comparison showing side-by-side text differences can be viewed here

We are seeking to amend the constitution in light of changes that were initially forced upon us by Covid Lockdowns, and also to allow us to keep The Knoll Residents Association both active and relevant in the modern era.


Please note this now refers to an event that is in the past. The constitution amendments were passed

see this post for the result.

A General Meeting to discuss

and vote on amendments to

The Constitution

will be held at

The Cricketers pub on Thursday 26th May, at 7.30pm

Please attend this meeting if you wish to provide your feedback and vote.

See this post for more details, and a copy of the voting paper. Although there will be some voting papers available at The Cricketers on the evening, we request, where possible that you pre print your own copy and bring along with you, if you wish to vote.

Voting is open to all adult residents of the roads CURRENTLY within The Knoll Residents Association boundary as at Constitution v3.0 *see note below re Wiltshire Road.

Please note that you will be asked to confirm that you are a resident of one of these roads in order to vote. If you are wishing to attend, it would help us if you would let us know by using the contact page, and selecting “I am planning to attend the vote on the constitution“, and telling us the number of people you are expecting to attending with you.

Residents of the following roads are eligible to vote at this meeting:

[from Constitution v3.0 Appendix A]

Roads & buildings currently [April 2022] included in the KRA boundaries (in alphabetical order)
• Bancroft Gardens
• Blossom Drive
• Braeburn Court, Orchard Grove
• Bramley Court, Orchard Grove
• Brookside
• Broomhill Road
• Broxbourne Road
• Chislehurst Road
• Cornmill Drive
• Cyril Road
• Dale Wood Road
• Devonshire Road
• Eastcote
• Elm Grove
• Hill End
• Hillview Crescent
• Hillview Road
• Irene Road
• Irvine Way
• Keswick Road
• Knoll Court
• Knoll Rise
• Lamorna Close
• Lucerne Road
• Lynwood Grove
• Mayfield Avenue
• Melbourne Close
• Moorfield Road
• Novar Close
• Oakhill Road
• Oatfield Road
• Orchard Grove
• Pepys Rise
• Sequoia Gardens
• Somerset Road
• St Aubyns Close
• St Aubyns Gardens
• St Kilda Road
• Stanley Road
• Station Road
• Stanbrook House, Orchard Grove
• The Avenue
• The Drive
• The Maltings
• Tower Close
• Tower Road
• Vinson Close
• Westholme
• White Hart Road
Wiltshire Road – It has come to our attention that Wiltshire Road was missing from Constitution v3 and has therefore been included on the voting slip in (1a) as being a “new road“. Wiltshire Road was in fact already within the Knoll Residents Association and will continue to remain. Residents of Wiltshire Road are of course eligible to vote!

Station Approach – We recently realised that Station Approach was also not included in listed roads in the v3 Constitution, even though it states that the “western boundary” is the railway, and the map clearly covers Station Approach. This discovery occurred after we had published the v4 proposal, and formally announced the timing of the vote, so rather than have people voting on different versions of the proposed constitution, we have opted to formerly include Station Approach into the Association by way of this vote, as item (1b). Assuming a vote in favour of 1b, Station Approach will be added to v4, as a revision.